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Wood Windows in Columbus

Discover How the Classic Look and Feel of Wood Windows Can Make a Big Difference in Your Home Improvement Project

Among the many replacement window types, nothing comes close to the classic look and feel of wood windows.  The natural beauty of wood combined with its innate toughness, makes it a fitting replacement for your original windows. Maybe wood windows bring back memories of your childhood, or possibly a special place that you remember. Now you can bring back those nostalgic memories by using wood windows in your replacement project. 

Timeless Form and Function

Wood windows are beautiful replacement windows, both in form and function. Their innate beauty, classic look and style cannot be duplicated completely by other modern window styles. These qualities – and more – make wood windows the ideal choice for your window replacement project.

Empire Windows has successfully provided wood windows to satisfied Columbus customers for the last 48 years and running. Its exclusive Five Point Guarantee is assurance of its commitment to consistently deliver high quality products and customer service to you.

Replacements or New Projects

Either as replacements for your original windows or part of a room improvement project, wood windows are perfect for your home for the following reasons:

  • Wood windows are long-lasting and add more value to your home as time goes on
  • Wood windows are the best insulation material against changing seasons and harsh weather
  • Wood windows combine easily with other materials
  • Wood windows are environmentally friendly and safe
  • Wood windows are naturally energy efficient with savings up to 30%!

Versatile and Adaptable

Wood as a window material is versatile and can be adapted to many window types like casement windows, double hung windows, as well as picture windows and bay windows.  Empire Windows carries a complete line of wood window types for you to choose from. You can choose to replicate your original windows, or choose a different look with new wood picture windows.

  • REMEMBER: Choosing the right wood window type is just the first step ... Getting the proper installation services is vital.

Without proper professional installation, your wood windows would only be wasted – money down the drain. For highest quality and state-of-the-art wood windows, as well as the best and most courteous professional installers, you can't go wrong with Empire Windows.

Give us a call now and we will personally assist you in getting your replacement wood windows selected and installed - the right way!