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Finding the right company and the right product for your replacement windows in Columbus can be a tough job. Like many people today, I am sure that you are looking for a quality job while still saving some money.

Here are 3 simple reasons to work with Empire Windows:
  • Lifetime Warranty
  • Expert Installaton
  • Custom Made to an Exact fit - Right here in Ohio!

From our 49 years of experience, we have found that it is easy to get a little stressed, since buying new or replacement windows can get overwhelming and confusing. Some of the issues you have to deal with are:

  • All the technical jargon and ratings – like U-Factor, AL (Air Leakage), DP (Design Pressure) and even SHGC (Solar Heat Gain Coefficient) … what do they all mean and which ratings are the best for you?
  • Being ripped off by selecting an unreliable company or just being worried that someone has an amazing deal you might be missing out on
  • Service after the sale – what if there are problems, will the company still be around and will they be able to fix the problem?
Relax. These are all normal issues or questions that most people looking for replacement windows have. The good news is that we are happy to explain or answer your questions without any high pressure sales. We have been doing it this way for close to 50 years. Having a knowledgeable and educated customer actually helps us, as it means that you will appreciate the quality of the work we do.

Following a recent survey of past customers, we decided to put the things that they told us they liked about doing business with us into our $200 Five Point Guarantee.
Five Point Guarantee
  • Your estimate will NOT take longer than 60 Minutes (unless you ask us to stay longer)
  • You will NOT be pressured into buying, you buy when you're ready
  • We will be on time for estimates or call ahead
  • No hassle pricing, you get our best price the first time
  • Your installation will be clean and on time
  • If we fail to live up to our guarantee, we will mail you a check for $200!

At Empire, we offer only the highest quality products for you and your home, so you can be confident that your home will look great and work properly for years to come. When you compare us to the competition, you will find that no one offers you a better window for less.

The installation of a window or other home improvement product is just as important as the product itself, because even the best products will perform poorly when installed incorrectly. That is why it is important to choose a company you can trust.

With 48 years in the home improvement business, you can be rest assured that Empire Windows has the knowledge and experience to ensure your project is completed properly. Empire Windows holds their installers to the highest standards, and will have a master installer with years of experience at your home to ensure the project is done the right way the first time.

We service everything we sell, so in the unlikely event you ever have an issue, you can relax. We won’t tell you to call the factory, or pass the buck to a third party installer like so many other companies do. No, we will come out and fix the problem – period!

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